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Wearable Technology

23 gen 2015, by Luisa Valente in all, events

Wearable devices are already part of our daily life or they are ready to flood the market as prototypes somewhere between a dream and a nightmare (Google Glasses, smart tracker Jawbone, Apple Watches and many other).
All these are interesting examples of wearable technology, accessories and clothing always connected to the web. They can detect and monitor vital parameters such as pressure and heart rate, and data from the environment such as external temperature and humidity.

How to make sure that such that these objects are easy to use? How much attention do we have to give to their aesthetics, that has always played a key role in clothing for example? How to ease their use? And what about accessibility and discretion?

We will be discussing all this in:

WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY by UX TORINO – The event has ended


Saturday 31th January 2015, 2:30 – 6:30 pm, Toolbox Office, Turin – Italy
Both theory and practice will be covered in the afternoon. We will discover scenarios, developments and practical applications of wearable technologies helped by ROKIVO, a creative agency specialized in the design of digital interfaces.

The meeting will starts at 2:30 pm talking about the characteristics of the products already available, the customer journey, the user experience and the integrated ecosystems. After a coffee break at 4pm it will continue with a hands-on workshop of co-design.

Admission is free and open to anyone interested, regardless of the level of knowledge.