Luisa Valente


Crowd-UX | A co-design experiment

21.04.2015 in all, events

Crowd-UX is a design experiment to create a new form of interaction among web design professionals. We decided to apply our design efforts to help Cibo è Salute, a no-profit Association that spreads the nutrition culture (Kousmine method) both online…


Designing Multi-Device Experiences | Michal Levin

01.03.2015 in all, books, events

Welcome to our multi-device world, where a user’s experience with one application can span many devices — a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, the TV, and beyond. We will have a conversation on this book: Admission is free and open to anyone…


A/B Test | Performance optimization

08.02.2015 in all, events

A/B Testing is a simple way to test several different versions of a web page with live traffic, and then measure the effect each version has on visitors. Using A/B testing you can determine the most effective way to increase…


Wearable Technology

23.01.2015 in all, events

Wearable devices are already part of our daily life or they are ready to flood the market as prototypes somewhere between a dream and a nightmare (Google Glasses, smart tracker Jawbone, Apple Watches and many other). All these are interesting…


Engagement at World Usability Day 2014

15.11.2014 in all, events, news

Engagement is the ultimate challenge in the field of User Experience: how to capture the attention of people, fragmented into micro-interactions with a multitude of products, apps, services? How to keep the interest alive through a significant series of experience? How…


Microinteractions | Dan Saffer

10.11.2014 in all, books, events

Swipe to unlock, press to play a song, click to start: they are the so-called microinteractions. They are everywhere and make the difference between an excellent design and design nightmare to forget. This is the topic of the next meeting…


Content strategy for web | Halvorson, Rach

08.09.2014 in all, books, events

Better content means better business. Whether your content is a mess or full of potential this book may help you: Understand content strategy and its business value Discover the processes and people behind a successful content strategy Make smarter, achievable…


Service Design | Polaine, Lovli, Reason

06.07.2014 in all, books, events

Banks, buses, health services, insurance companies and many other service tend to offer poor experiences when we use them. They don’t make us feel happier or richer. Why are they not designed as well? The majority of ‘products’ that we…