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Service Design | Polaine, Lovli, Reason

06 lug 2014, by Luisa Valente in all, books, events

Banks, buses, health services, insurance companies and many other service tend to offer poor experiences when we use them. They don’t make us feel happier or richer. Why are they not designed as well? The majority of ‘products’ that we encounter are actually parts of a larger service network made of people, technology, places, time and objects that form the entire service experience.

In most cases some of the touchpoints are designed, but often the service as a whole just “happens” and is not consciously designed to offer the best experience. Service Design is intended to create or modify services (insurance, holiday, transport, sustainability, government, finance and taxation, communications and healthcare) so that they have the same appeal and experience as the products we love .

We will discuss the book with Vincenzo De Maria, a Service Design expert:
SERVICE DESIGN, by Polaine, Lovli, Reason

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Twesday 15th Jul 2014,
7:30 – 9:30 pm, Toolbox Office, Turin – Italy