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A conservative usability redesign
Treemeeting is a web video-chat platform that promotes experience sharing and consultancy. Given the client’s request to keep the graphic and the general structure unchanged, the usability revision was made as a conservative micro-redesign.

Only some UX recommendations have been implemented yet


The technological partner is Synesthesia Srl.




A more engaging approach
The high-fidelity prototype covered every single element of the platform. In the example on the left, the homepage is redesigned with a more clear structure and with explained call-to-actions (the old homepage is on the right).


The old experts listing
The structure of the old page was very dispersed: it didn’t help the user interpreting the top of the page as a unique filters panel. The experts abstracts had a cluttered formatting and didn’t have a clear call-to-action.

In the early stages of the platform, experts are not mainly compared based on price, but on expertise


The call-to-action could promote dating instead of highlighting a discouraging price per minute.





The new experts listing
The filters were visually clustered in a unique grey layer.

The experts previews were reorganised in white boxes for a more integrated perception (instead of separated box + tagline + photo circle).

Contents where reformatted and more clearly divided into three columns, for a higher readability:

  • User data (name and photo)
  • Experience and rating
  • Availability, price and call-to-action





User-centred thinking
The user’s dashboard was made more usable putting on the top of the page the information and alerts the user is more interested in:

  • Dates to be confirmed
  • Received messages
  • Confirmed dates
  • Last video-chats

Call-to-actions (accept, reject, revoke) were added to allow the user operate directly on the dashboard.


The old board, named “The Secretary” (more intuitively renamed “Dashboard”) dedicated half of the screen to introduction and top-up


The video-chat interactions
A new web-chat was implemented on the platform (based on the webRTC standard). All the interactions between two or more Treemeeting users (one-to-one and one-to-many conversations and charging) were analysed in detail.



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