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User Experience analysis
An effective User Experience check requires a clear idea of the website user profiles and behaviours. This can be achieved:


Investigating the context

Studying the web analytics data

Performing user tests on the platform


Do people click on the “Buy now” button with so few contract information on the landing page?
Web analytics can answer.




Sometimes the problem can be the message

The “Pay less” button that makes the other options (“Go to the energy / gas offers” buttons) seem expensive


or an unexpected opportunity not well contextualised

An air-conditioner offered on a historical energy/gas provider homepage


Some other it could be a broken usability convention

The login box below the fold instead of top right




Service mapping
To move from a disconnected collection of channels to an integrated system (online, social, offline), a complete service mapping is needed.



E-commerce usability
Every single step should be carefully designed to support the purchase conclusion. e.g. Unclear call-to-action labels (“9 light bulbs for 144 €” button) can get the user confused.



Interface coherence
A different look&feel of the reserved area and the public website does not reinforce the brand identity. Moreover, a different organisation of the layout makes the customer area a totally separated world (no seamless transition).


The UX recommendations of the full analysis have not been implemented yet




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