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Turin Chamber of Commerce website
The redesign project was launched to improve the usability and reachability of the huge amount of information published online by the Chamber of Commerce. The website covers a wide variety of topics intended to different categories of users (entrepreneur, artisans, private citizens, etc).




Which was the homepage?
In the old version of the website the layout was extremely packed with information and mainly textual.

The three images on the left show:

  • the old homepage
  • one of the main sections
  • a detail page

But who could say what was what?


A menu with 208 items,
organised in 5 nested levels



A new three levels layout
An editorial revision by an internal team of the Chamber of Commerce cut 1,500 pages off the website. The remaining 5,500 were structured on three levels:

  • homepage
  • main section page (in the photo on the left) to give an overview of the contents of each high level topic (e.g. Environment and garbage)
  • detail page (specific topic)


Many aspects could not be really improved due to the limitations of the old platform




Tree test to simplify the menu
The menu was made easier and reorganised from 5 to 3 nesting levels. A tree test session was performed on real users to define the most findable paths and labels to each content. The ease of use was measured against real user tasks.





The website redesign was presented at the webinar “Come cambia un sito PA: l’esperienza della Camera di Commercio di Torino” (How a public administration website changes: the experience of the Turin Chamber of Commerce).
The webinar, held on the 27th March 2014, was organised by FormezPA, the Center for services, assistance, studies and training for the modernisation of Italian public administration.

PIETRO IZZO - Turin Chamber of Commerce public communicator

The speech was made by Pietro Izzo, the public communicator of the Turin Chamber of Commerce, who is responsible for the digital activities. The title was “Siti web delle Pubbliche Amministrazioni facili da usare” (Easy to use websites of the public administration).



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Category: Functional design, Information architecture, Prototyping, User testing