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Carpooling to save on urban mobility
Based on a collaboration with ENEA (the public agency in charge to validate energy savings derived from energy efficiency measures), BOBsharing model refers to an algorithm that calculates the amount of fuel saved by car sharing and transforms it in the so called negotiable “White certificates”.



Mapping the experience
A useful tool to capture the user approach towards the app to develop was the experience map (in the photo an early stage of its design, before the introduction of descriptive visual elements).
The bulleted line represents the feeling/thinking of the user. The points above the line are positive, the one below are negative/unclear sentiments and thoughts.



The prototype of the IOS app
Designing a prototype of the app (directly surfable on the device) allowed to see the usage dynamics of real users.

BOBsharing, a mobility sharing alternative
An app to share lifts, reducing car expenses.
(Italian language video).



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Category: Functional design, Prototyping, Service design