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Redesign starts from testing
The complete redesign of Bakeca, one of the Italian classified market leaders, required an intensive initial analysis and test phase to define how to improve the interface and the navigation.




An intuitive visual approach
The redesign of easy and fluid interactions, a functional study of Google Analytics data was performed to investigate the users’ needs and behaviours. The analysis deserved a specific approach (e.g. the use of regular expressions, etc) to cluster the page views according to the structure of the URLs.


First-click tests on the old website
An extensive remote survey with questions and first-click tests (heatmaps representing where the users click to complete a task) on the old version of the website gave lots of insights about the main navigation issues.






Testing platform
The use of a testing platform allowed to launch surveys with a great number of participants and to quickly analyse the results.






Think-aloud usability tests
In person usability tests were performed on different versions of the prototype. The think-aloud technique (users comment on their navigation, describing their choices, doubts and pain-points) helped investigating the mental models of the users’ navigation



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