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Artichoke Genome DB | Configuration interface


The genome database
This institutional website contains a database query interface to extract Artichoke’s chromosomes primers from a huge marker dataset. This specialistic tool is designed to support the parameters setting by researchers.


With the Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences - University of Turin




Form validation: a brief history
Time ago the form validation was made by showing a list of errors at the top of the reloaded page. Then the “live inline validation” offered contextual indications near each wrong field (initially server side, then client side more quickly).

Today we prevent errors in many ways…



In the video the interface auto-deletes numbers or letters other than A, G, T, C and sets capital letters.
A short delay in cancellation shows the users’ mistakes.


Error prevention & Auto correction

Designed for domain experts, the genome database platform:

Reminds default values/ranges for each field;


Auto corrects data on keypress (vs on mouse out);


Explains errors (descriptive tooltips);


Signals success (green colour when the field is complete).

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